Hookah diving frequently asked questions

Air from a low-pressure compressor at the surface pumps air through a hose and demand second stage regulator system directly to the divers below. Virtually no gear is worn and the divers have a lifeline to the surface with the hose system and a belt that secures the hose and regulator to the body.

The G2005c (Gas) model will support one to a depth of 90 feet,  two to a depth of 60ft feet, three to 30 feet, or four to 20ft feet. The E2005c (12v DC ) and the E2008c (110v electric) models will support two divers to 30 feet, or one to 60 feet. The systems are primarily designed for second atmosphere, recreational diving. (Be wary of claims. In our opinion, some manufacturers may exaggerate depth ratings for the air output of their systems. The Hookamax chooses to be conservative, basing our depth ratings on people with average diving experience and in average physical condition. The depth capability of a compressor system will be determined by the air output of the compressor. 

All Hookamax models can be equipped with either 50ft hoses or 100ft  hoses. We have found these to be the optimal lengths for common hookah diving applications. Hose extensions are available for lengthening hoses if desired at anytime by purchasing an add a diver kit. So if you buy a 50ft hose and a few months later decide you want longer hoses instead give us a call to get your kit!

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