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Gas/Petrol Hookahs


  •  The Hookamax G2005 series gasoline/petrol hookah diving system has revolutionized the recreational, cruising and commercial diving industry.  The G2005 series gasoline hookah is the only hookah on the market today that can be used as a stationary or floating hookah diving system.  The hookah’s revolutionary design centers around the units highly efficient air throttle system, which allows the diving rig to operate at idle, when not filling the unit’s holding tanks. This powerful hookah diving system delivers over 4 cubic feet per minute of air at 120 psi, which allows one diver to 90 plus feet of depth (30 meters) and two divers to over 45 feet (15 meters).  To top things off, the breathable air compressor is powered by a tried and true 5 hp Honda gasoline/petrol engine.  


  • The Hookamax G2005 is one of the most powerful, efficient and safest surface supplied gasoline diving hookah’s on the market.  The system is far less subject to overturning when it comes with its own flotation device compared to our competitors units that utilize an inner tube design.  Inner tube based units have a high center of gravity and narrow base, which adds to the risk of overturning in waves. 


  • G2005 gasoline/petrol hookah, comes standard with a sturdy and stable 16 ply, multiple chamber inflatable boat, specifically designed to take waves and provide the unit with a lower center of gravity.  The Hookamax Dive System’s G2005 series hookah provides the most value and functionality on the market today and can be used effortlessly on the dock, boat, beach, or in the included float.   All hookamax units have a one year non commercial warranty and a three month warranty on commercial use. The Hookamax products come standard with dual filtration and produce air that meets Class D standards. 

12v DC Battery Hookahs


 The Hookamax E2005C-12V and new A2016C-12V battery operated hookah diving systems are affordable professionally built breathing grade; that are ideal for recreational hookah diving, cruising and commercial usage.  Our base medical grade 12 volt DC compressor unit has been put to the test by customers all over the world for over a decade and pairs it’s extreme reliability, with industry leading power and efficiency.  Hookamax 12 Volt systems are available in single and twin diver configurations.  Our 12 Volt diving hookahs gets their industry leading efficiency from their regulated tank design. This allows our hookah diving units to cycle on and off, instead of bleeding off excess air, like many of our competitors units.  This factor greatly decreases the rate of drain on the users battery and extends your bottom time.  

Because of this, the Hookamax 12 volt hookahs can provide well over two hours of downtime (depending on factors), on a single deep cycle battery. The Hookamax’s massive continuous duty rated motor/compressor supplies enough air for two divers comfortably at 35 feet and a single diver to well over 60 feet. All hookamax units have a one year non commercial warranty and a three month warranty on commercial use.  Our often imitated but never recreated units utilize true breathable grade components and produces legitimate and purity tested class D air.  Our 12 volt DC diving hookahs come standard with four gauge battery cables and are perfect for usage with your boats battery bank, or any quality group 27 or 31 deep cycle marine battery. 

Hookamax Dive Systems produces the only breathing grade 12 volt hookahs that utilize built in reserve tanks.  Our hookah diving reserve tanks allow us to power our powerful pump while greatly minimizing amperage drain on the user’s battery.  The competition’s hookahs use a bleed off design which drains the user’s battery full time.  Hookamax 12 volt units only draw amperage a small portion of the time because of their regulated tank design, which allows our pumps to cycle on and off.  Our medical grade pump is a proven and tested unit that has been in service over 10 years.  With so many home built/non breathing grade and inefficient hookahs on the market today; Hookamax’s 12 volt products have become the trusted name in hookah diving! 

Electric 110v AC Hookahs


  •  The Hookamax E2008C/AC2015C series 110 Volt electric diving system is perfect for boat cleaning, diving off your boat, pool repair and commercial grade usage.  The E2008/AC2015C series electric hookah is extremely quiet putting out less than 60 decibels.  This small, yet quiet workhorse weighs in at less than 35 lbs and is only 16 inches long, 16 inches wide and fifteen inches tall.  The Hookamax E2008/AC2015C electric hookah supplies 2.5 cubic feet of air per minute at operating pressure, which provides enough air for a single diver to 50 plus feet and two divers to 25 feet (if equipped with a second hose).  

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