Why commercial swimming pool companies are using hookah dive systems. Plug in and portable

If you own or work for a swimming pool repair company or do aquarium work and are tired of the hassle of having to free dive in the pool or tank or perhaps have to use those bulky scuba tanks that you have to refill all the time?  Well Hookamax dive systems has just what you need to take the hassle out of your next underwater project.  Pool and aquarium companies across the nation for over two decades have been using our portable dive compressors. Our electric plug-in hookah dive system has been a customer favorite among the swimming pool repair community, its versatile, light weight and easy to use  and setup on any jobsite within minutes. The electric hookah dive unit can place two divers in the water a time at depths of 30feet. More and more pool companies are choosing this system because they can be in the pool essentially all day without running out of air. This pool dive system will save you time and allow you to tackle any underwater job, with over 5000+ worldwide its trusted by some of the most major pool repair companies in the US for all there pool and aquarium jobs. Head over to our products page to learn  more about this hookah dive unit.

110volt Electric Dive Compressor

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